Board of Directors

“Today’s chief executives face a bewildering mosaic of fast change, uncertainty, and stiff competition in a world of unprecedented opportunity. Many are wrestling with fundamental and profound questions about how to reposition their businesses.” Boards listen, probe, debate, and become engaged in the company’s most pressing issues. Directors share their expertise and wisdom as a matter of course. As they do, management and the board learn together, a collective wisdom emerges, and managerial judgment improves. The on-site coaching and counseling expand the mental capacity of the CEO and the top management team and give the company a competitive edge out there in the marketplace.” “Boards At Work” – Ram Charan

My first exposure to Advisory Boards was in the mid 1980s while running my own residential building company. As a member of a 12 man advisory board, I learned the benefit of using the wisdom of experienced executives from other industries and backgrounds. The growth and subsequent exit strategy of the company was truly helped by the input monthly from this Board of committed executives. Since that time I have been committed to serving on Boards and helping companies to growth and to provide for the orderly exit strategy of the business owner/CEO.

In 1995 I purchased the first franchise for Renaissance Executive Forums, which I ran until 2012. During that time I created and facilitated over 850 Forum meetings, lead over 2,500 individual coaching sessions and worked with many outstanding business leaders from all sectors of the economy.

In 2004 I was asked to join the Storm Industries, Inc. Board of Directors where I still serve today. During that time I have served on the Real Estate Committee and the Compensation Committee as a member and as Chairman. In 2016 I joined the Board of Directors of L&S Construction, an ESOP Company.

Board Experience

Non-Profit: Newport Harbor Art Museum, and Assessment Treatment Service Center.

Industry: Home Builders Council, Building Industry of Orange County, International Coaches Federation of Orange County.

Corporate: Gfeller Development Company, Inc., Storm Industries, Inc., and L&S Construction