Executive Coaching

Our coaching practice is focused on immediately improving both individual and team performance. We have worked in a wide variety of industries with everyone from serial entrepreneurs and start-up companies to established businesses with over a billion dollars in revenue. Our goal is for you to discover a new perspective on the key issues and obstacles that keep your business from moving forward and to achieve monumental breakthroughs, not just incremental improvements. We do this by helping you to develop greater clarity and self-awareness about your skills, resources and creativity.

Team Coaching

Team coaching includes personal coaching for each team member, workshops on team building skills, and observation of behaviors in-group settings. Team coaching recognizes that group dynamics need to be coached the same as individual behaviors. Having the ability to see how people behave in a group setting adds significant value to their individual coaching and aids in increasing the effectiveness of team meetings. The strategic planning process is one of the most important activities that a company can undertake. Using our proven process and by providing outside facilitation we are able to help you identify new opportunities and create an action program for achieving real results, not just a written plan.

Individual Coaching

We provide personal coaching programs for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Key Staff members who want to enhance performance, communication and bottom-line results. Individual coaching sessions are done either face-to-face or by phone. Coaching is frequently used when someone is planning to move into a new position, especially if it involves taking on additional management duties. Some of the issues that we coach clients work on are delegation, communication, and management practices, while others focus on achieving a better balance in their life.

Hiring new members for your executive or management team is an important step in your firm’s evolution.  We offer a proven tool that helps you to uncover a candidate’s communication style and motivating factors and to determine their ability to match your company’s culture.