Coaching As A Management Style, Lifestyle or Profession with Doug Gfeller, MCC

Listen as we talk about coaching as a lifestyle, a management style and as a profession. This is not a discussion for just coaches but for anyone who wants to create more effective relationships in their life. We will review how the fundamentals of coaching both for the coach and the client, apply to any relationship.  In this episode we will review the International Coach Federation Core Competencies for credentialing and show how they also work equally well as a guide to a more coaching management style and as a guide to creating stronger relationships for your business and personal life. It is my hope that this conversation will stimulate your interest in learning more about this area, so I have included a link below to the ICF web site where you can get more information.

Recorded live on January 21, 2016 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on

Click for more information on the ICF Core Competencies