Coaching Clients To Freedom and From Burnout with Doug Gfeller, MCC

“Coaching Clients To Freedom and From Burnout”  Two separate topics for today’s show:

1) Coaching to give the client freedom. This discussion looks at the many ways in which we as coaches give our clients freedom. Some may be practices you are already familiar with and some may be new, either way this will get you thinking about creative ways to use your coaching sessions.

2) Coaching the client to avoid or deal with burnout. Making a shift in perspectives, we will look at the coaches role in dealing with clients who are facing “burnout” in their life. It is important to recognize the difference between burnout and that of just “hitting the wall”. and once you have made this distinction then how will you coach your client to help them move forward.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio show on on July2, 2015