Drive-By Relationships and Margin – Doug Gfeller, MCC

Join us as we discuss Drive-By Relationships and Margin. Are these good things or are they problems? We have all spent countless hours working on time management when the real issue that we never seem to get to is really lack of margin. How about your relationships and your coaching, are they real or just drive-by events? Listen in as we show how these two topics really are about the same issue and what you can do to create real relationships in your coaching and add margin to your day.

Drive-by is urban slang. It is most often used as “drive-by shooting” meaning a senseless or random shooting from a car with no contact with the victim. It is also used to mean unlawful downloading of software.So how does this apply to coaching styles? I am referring to those coaching sessions that seem to be a series of unrelated discussions with no real consequences for the client and probably no real satisfaction for the coach. They are just drive-by conversations. Maybe the coach thought he had a great impact but never really checked back to find out if the client felt the same way. How does this happen and what can you do to correct or prevent it? Listen in to find the easy steps to make sure that your coaching is not a Drive-By. Listen to this September 13 discussion.