Information Overload with Nahid Casazza, MBA, BCC

Nahid Casazza, MBA, BCC is a Leadership and Transition coach. Join us as she discusses how information overload can impact clients, shares some of the tools she uses to help her own clients overcome overwhelm, and discusses how to help clients stay focused, confident, and moving towards their unique goals and dream.

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by all the information out there that it’s difficult to make decisions and stay on one path? Your clients face this same challenge, and helping them sift through all their options, make decisions and consistently take effective action, is one of the big challenges of being a coach. In their overwhelm, your clients may ask you to tell them what to do, or you may find yourself having the same conversation over and over again as they paralyze themselves ruminating about decisions. You may find that every time you talk with your client they are excited about a new and completely different idea, which keeps them spinning in an endless cycle of new initiatives accompanied by no action. Listen as Nahid shares how she handles these issues.