Re-Inventing New Home Sales and Marketing by Elliot Light, Principal New Home Nexus

Listen to Elliot Light, Principal of New Home Nexus as he talks about Re-Inventing New Home Sales and Marketing. Although Elliot is talking about home buyers, it is not much of a stretch to apply this logic and process to all buyers of almost any product or service.

“As the recession of the past five-plus years winds down, it’s time to take stock of lessons learned and look ahead to the challenges of marketing to a new generation of buyers — while learning to master the use of rapidly evolving social media tools. Today’s buyers are more diverse, more tech savvy and harder to please than ever before. But, before we rush head-on into the future, let’s take a minute to consider the effects the Great Recession has had on consumers and how it has changed their perceptions of housing.” – Elliot Light