The Impact of Disruptive Changes in Mature Markets
with Todd Brooks, Co-Founder of The Brand AMP

Do you like sports? Do you like exciting new products? If you do then you are going to really enjoy listening to this live interview with Todd Brooks from The Brand AMP on “The Impact of Disruptive Changes in Mature Markets.” When dealing with disruptive change, business professionals react in one of three ways. They either become part of the “establishment” that digs in their heals and sticks to proven methods that have always worked, they take a “progressive” approach to leverage “the new world order” to adapt their business, or they find “ground breaking” ways to leverage the “new world order” to revolutionize an industry. Which is best? Listen as Todd shares his insights on this issue and also how PR people should be taking advantage of the Internet to change their role within marketing.

Famous “Brookism’s” from this interview:

“If you have a dream don’t let anyone get in your way!”
“Word of mouth and doing great work is the best reference you can have.”
“You need to be able to communicate what makes you different in 90 seconds.”
“Put fear aside and focus on the potential of the situation!”

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Recorded live on May 12, 2016 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on