You Grow or You Die – True or False? with Doug Gfeller, MCC and Paul Roberts

Listen in as we share the 5 key steps that will help you develop a program for growth that utilizes your unique talents and experiences and will help you overcome the fear of selling. Join Doug as he talks with Paul Roberts of OCTalkRadio about the challenges he faced in starting a new business and the constant need to adapt to changing markets and customers. Take-A-Ways from this conversation include:

  • Identify what level of business you want to have
  • Create your unique business development program using the 5 steps
  • Continue your business development efforts even when you don’t need more work
  • In real estate the motto is Location, Location Location meaning that nothing trumps a good location. In business development the motto is Adapt Adapt Adapt meaning just because it is working today doesn’t mean it will work in the future. Keep looking for new ways to find clients, new kinds of clients and new offerings of products or services.

Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on August 20, 2015