Coaching Your Way To Financial Leadership
with David Lund

David Lund helps his hospitality clients achieve a new commitment to their team’s personal and financial responsibility in the hotel. He helps with open communication to uncover what everyone on the team really wants out of their career and personal lives. During his personal coaching, David uncovers problems which may arise with teams such as overwhelm, lack of involvement, intensity, anger and/or resentment. He quickly offers solutions to re-connect them with who they are at their core. His commitment is to serve those teams and quickly make resolutions for improved team connections. Although his focus is on Hotels, his work with teams can be used in any business.

This was a great interview that provided a perspective on financial leadership for both financial and operations managers. The examples David shared apply equally to any business, not just hotels.

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Recorded live on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show on August 18, 2016 on