Supervising Greatness – Sharing The Vision Throughout The Organization
with Dan Charobee

Listen to this podcIMG_4021ast from our live radio show with Dan Charobee, MBA, Business Coach, Public Speaker, Business Developer, Publisher, and Nonprofit Organizer.  Dan coaches rapid developing organizations with management that wants to succeed at impressive levels. He is an AdviCoach, who coach’s the owners of privately held and family-owned businesses. He has been a coach at the Executive Coaches of Orange County, co-founded a publishing company in 1999 that today publishes magazines for military personnel and their families with a worldwide circulation over 2 million, and is an active member of the nonprofit community. Dan was active in the development and opening of a city’s first Family Resource Center and was the originator and co-founder of Toastmasters On the Air, a public access cable TV program. He has an M.B.A. in Technology Management and a B.S. in Law Enforcement and Corrections. With a background in both technology and law enforcement, Dan surprises us with a focus on coaching and the soft skills of leadership.

Recorded live on October 15, 2015 on The Coaching Perspective Radio show with Doug Gfeller, MCC