The Hot Trend in Business to Increase Productivity!
with Mila Diamond

If you missed last week’s radio show on The Coaching Perspective you can still listen to the podcast. My guest was Mila Diamond, business coach and corporate trainer. Mila shared the outline of her successful coaching program, Diamond Mind Training. The program involves four phases. The first is “Focused Meditation” where you learn to tap into that hidden energy sources we all have but seldom use. This is not your sleepy time version of meditation! The second phase is “Mindfulness” which is the application of the energy you discovered in the first phase. The third phase is “Social and Emotional Intelligence” and the final phase is “Mindset for Success”.

Mila is an enthusiastic speaker with a passion for the topic and a willingness to share new strategies that successful companies are introducing to reinvent their workplace culture to boost performance and profitability. Listen to this exciting interview and consider how it can help your company or coaching practice.

Recorded live on October 8, 2015 on The Coaching Perspective Radio Show with host Doug Gfeller, MCC.