When Life Gets a Redesign with Michelle Hensley, founder and CEO of Nifty Package Co

Life is full of transitions, some planned and some a surprise. Based on her personal experiences Michelle shares how to approach major transitions that occur in your life, how you know you are on the right track and what and where you can find help so you do not have to do this alone. In this very personal conversation, Michelle talks about how she handled becoming a widow, a single mom with seven children, and started her own gift company. From tragic to hilarious, she shares her stories that will help and inspire you to handle the challenges in your own personal life and in your business. Listen in as she gives tips on how to get clarity on what you want, create a vision, combine your passion and purpose in life and maintain an excitement and confidence that lets you laugh at yourself all the time.

Be willing to be messy
Be willing to ask questions
Be willing to make mistakes
Be willing to ask for help
Take your own advice

Nifty Package Co
The Widow Maven Life Coach

Recorded live on November 9, 2017 on OCTalkRadio.net

Michelle Hensley, CEO Nifty Package Co