Leadership Training; Does it Work? and What Works Best; Questions or Advice? with Doug Gfeller, MCC


“When Life Gets a Redesign” with Michelle Hensley, founder and CEO of Nifty Package Co

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“Creating A Winning Culture and Embracing Technology” with Pat Fuscoe, Founder and CEO of Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.

“Why do Some Executives Behave Badly?” with Susan Howington, CEO of Power Connections Inc.

Susan Howington, tells us why executives in high level positions act so “un-human” and out of touch when it comes to the feelings of others.

“How To Get Speaking Gigs” with Leisa Reid, Author and Trainer

Leisa Reid is the founder of the OC Speakers Network (www.ocSpeakersNetwork.com). After years of booking and delivering her own speaking gigs, she decided to show other speakers how to get their message heard. Listen to The Coaching Perspective with Doug Gfeller.

“Asking Better Questions – The Link Between Innovators and Coaches” with Doug Gfeller, MCC

“Converge17 – The International Coach Federation Global Conference ” with Doug Gfeller, MCC